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Our story...

After 17 years as an entrepreneur in online learning, Willie Maritz gave himself the challenge to solve the BIG PROBLEM in the training and development industry:

How do we actually change behaviours sustainably?

Abraham Maslow said in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

The problem in the training industry has always been that the only “tool” we thought we had was the “course”. Even when the technology industry gifted us with a variety of capabilities to facilitate learning, we still get stuck in the concept of a “course”.

What if we could use technology in a different way?

What if we could let learning happen without the typical constraints of a course?

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We set out to design a different solution, with the specific objective of achieving sustainable behaviour change.

We based the solution on a broader study of behaviour change, incorporating instructional science, neuro-science, social media science, artificial intelligence, and of course, the “art of the possible” in technology.

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The end result...

A fairly simple but highly successful microlearning process, drip-feeding short nuggets of content over a period of time.

The core differentiator here is the fact that the content focuses less on knowledge and skills and more on attitudes, awareness, care and mindset

When we get this right, behaviours start to align without it having to be enforced. When these behaviours are repeated, they become habits, and habits that are sustained across a target audience become culture.

Meet the
Change Makers...


Chief Executive Officer

  • habiiit willie linkedin

Willie is a seasoned entrepreneur, learning and organisational development and keen behavioural scientist. 
He is credited as an “out of the box” innovator in the learning and development industry and is frequently invited to speak at conferences. He is also a coach and angel investor.



Marketing Specialist

arkha pic web.png 1.png
  • habiiit arkha linkedin

With a Bachelor's degree in Management and a specialisation in the field of Marketing, passionate about continuous learning, Arkha is quickly climbing the ladder in her field.
She brings her creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial spirit to all her work.
Whether brainstorming new marketing strategies or analysing data to improve our campaigns, she always strives for excellence.


Chief Operating Officer

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  • habiiit tara linkedin

Tara is an MSc Graduate with a solid operations background in a large multinational telecommunications company. She is passionate about Learning and Development and continuous improvement. She believes impactful change is a 'necessity for progress' both in her personal life and in the workplace.


Business Development Manager

raja pic web.png 1.png
  • habiiit tara linkedin
  • email tara link

Raja brings over a decade of experience in the training industry. He has worked with various organisations in implementing Learning Management Platforms, eLearning solutions and LXP’s.

Raja's passion is in helping Talent Leaders in building and retaining a thriving talent pool.

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