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Installing Solar Panels

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Did you know that heat exposure is one of the biggest contributors to accidents and illness in the workplace? We have built a small campaign with practical tips to help you and your team members stay safe in the summer months.

It is 100% free, so please feel free to download and distribute it freely to your team. Simply leave us your details below and we will send you an email with a link where you can download all the videos in this campaign. 

Why are we giving this away for free?

1) We want to make a difference and save lives
2) We want to show you a snippet of the impact we can make on behaviours, habits and culture.

At Habiiit, we specialise in micro-learning content campaigns that impact Attitudes, Awareness, Care and Culture. We do this across a variety of topics, from Workplace Safety to Customer Service and Values.


10 Simple micro-learning videos, each under 60 seconds duration

They cover the following topics:


  • "Why Water is Your Best Summer Friend"

  • "Summer Styling Hacks: Long Sleeves and Light Colors!"

  • "Cover Up, Cool Down"

  • "Chill Out, Cool Down: DIY Cold Compress for Instant Relief"

  • "Thirsty or Dehydrated? Spot the Symptoms, Save the Day!"

  • "Heat Stroke SOS: Spotting the Signs and Helping Your Buddy"

  • "Sip Smart, Stay Cool: Why Caffeine is a Summer No-Go"

  • "Snooze to the Rescue: Unleash the Power of a Good Night's Sleep"

  • "Eyes on the Prize: Shielding Your Vision in the Sun's Glare"

  • "Make your own Hydration Drink"



It's been proven that simple short messages like these, being carefully repeated over time, can raise awareness and result in changes in decisions and habits.

 Delivery Bike

Simply leave your details and we will send all 10 videos to you free of charge.
Let's make this summer easier for your team.

Awesome! Check your email for the download link from Habiiit

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