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Happy Costumer

We have a no-brainer offer for you:

"A no-risk Habiiit pilot campaign"

Firstly, thank you for your interest in what we do at Habiiit.

We are super passionate about creating amazing workplace cultures and we are equally proud of what we have achieved so far. Every single campaign we have delivered so far achieved significant, measurable changes in the behaviors and habits that underpin culture.

We are not only passionate and proud. We are also very confident. So confident, in fact, that we will deliver a pilot pr
oject for you completely at our risk.



  • We will run one of our off-the-shelf workplace culture campaigns for you for three months

  • This includes:

    • A fully managed campaign

    • Targeting three indicator behaviours agreed with you

    • Up to 300 participants

    • 32 content nuggets from a campaign of your choice

    • 3 "Observed behaviour surveys"

    • Full campaign report on participation and shift in behaviours

    • Use of our campaign platform and mobile apps 

  • Choose between these topics:​

    • Workplace Safety​

    • Customer Service Culture

    • Workplace Excellence ​

  • Fixed fee:

    • $9 000​

    • That is only $30 per person

lady doing micro-learning


If, at the end of the campaign, we can not show a positive shift in the indicator behaviours we agreed to target, we will refund 100% of your campaign fee.

Of course, some common sense terms and conditions apply - Full client participation and internal support - Access to the target audience - Target audience access to the required technology - Leadership, managerial and supervisory support - Time available to the target audience for participation

I'm sure at this point you would like to speak to a real person to see if we can help you.

We're looking forward to meeting you
and explore a collaboration...


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