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Press Release: Habiiit partners with Disprz

Habiiit Partners with Disprz to Deliver Microlearning that Impacts Workplace Culture

Dubai, UAE - Habiiit, a pioneering microlearning provider focused on driving behavioral change, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Disprz, a leading AI-powered enterprise learning experience and upskilling platform. This collaboration combines Habiiit's unique microlearning content, known for its proven impact on behaviors and habits, with Disprz's extensive learning and upskilling catalogue and AI-driven delivery platform.

Together, Habiiit and Disprz offer a powerful solution that drives behavioral change in critical areas such as customer service, workplace excellence, health and safety, digital well-being, diversity and inclusion, and more. The partnership also aims to extend learning opportunities to the often overlooked frontline worker category, including blue-collar workers, retail associates, call center agents, and customer service representatives.

At the core of this partnership lies a microlearning process that delivers short, bite-sized content over several months. Unlike traditional approaches that focus primarily on knowledge and skills, Habiiit's innovative solution directly targets attitudes, awareness, care, and mindset. This approach naturally aligns behaviors, transforms them into habits, and facilitates a profound cultural shift within the target audience.

Disprz provides an all-in-one platform that empowers organizations to align their learning and skilling programs with business outcomes, catering to both knowledge and frontline workforces. Their platform facilitates seamless onboarding, continuous learning, cross-skilling, and skill-based career progression. Disprz equips businesses with the tools to build a pipeline of capable, skilled employees who contribute to present and future productivity.

"We are thrilled to partner with Disprz to make a positive impact on our clients' workplace culture," said Willie Maritz, Founder and CEO at Habiiit. "We are highly impressed with the Disprz platform, and we believe that our combined solutions will benefit our clients. Our clients have been seeking a fit-for-purpose learning solution for frontline workers, and our collaboration addresses that need. Together, we can impact frontline workers' awareness and mindset, driving good behaviors and habits that enable a thriving workplace culture."

Ravi Kesavan, VP & Business Head, MENA at Disprz, also expresses his excitement about the partnership: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Habiiit, a leading solution provider for behavioral change through microlearning. Together, we aim to deliver impactful learning experiences that foster positive habits and skills for individuals and organizations. Habiiit's innovative approach combines scientific insights, artificial intelligence, and technology to create sustainable behavior change and measure learning outcomes. We believe this partnership will enhance our vision of transforming learning into a habit for everyone.”

About Habiiit (

Habiiit is a pioneering solution provider focused on driving behavioral change through innovative microlearning techniques. By integrating instructional science, neuroscience, social media science, artificial intelligence, and technology, Habiiit has developed a unique approach to achieving sustainable behavior change. By tracking and measuring observed behavior change, Habiiit ensures credible returns on learning investment.

About Disprz (

Disprz is a leading AI-powered enterprise learning experience and upskilling platform that helps organizations align their learning and skilling programs with business outcomes. Whether for knowledge or frontline workforces, Disprz empowers businesses to build a pipeline of capable, skilled employees who are prepared to contribute to productivity now and in the future. From seamless onboarding to continuous learning and development, Disprz provides a comprehensive platform to meet organizations' learning needs.


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